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The outside temperature displayed on my dash is always 5-10 degrees warmer than the temperature according to the radio, tv, other autos, my home temp gage... Doesnt mater if the car has been turned off for an hour, day, or week. As soon as I turn on accessory power, start the car, whatever, the temp is too high.

1) Any way to replace the sensor? Part Number?

2) Does my car's computer use this information for anything other than showing me the temperature? (i think it might calculate oil life?) Does it influence fuel mixture?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. I guess I just would like to have something a bit more accurate if possible instead of me always having to guess...

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The sensor should be simple to replace. It is located infront of the condensor , probably just below the hood latch. I beleive it is used for climate control. The car needs to know what the temp is outside so it knows how much heating or cooling is required, although there is an incar air tempurature sensor as well. I suspect it plays a part in oil life as the computer will adjust for winter and summer driving. I don't think it plays any part in fuel mixture because there is an intake air tempurature sensor that does that.

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