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I've notice the steering on my car is starting to loosen up. While driving down the road instead of the wheel being straight, i have to keep turning the wheel to the right to keep the car straight. On the highway when going around the curves either left or right, I find that i'm turning the wheel more than it should be. I took the car to the shop this evening thinking that i may need an alignment. One of the mechanics, thinks that either my rac is going bad, or my left front hub bearing is bad. The struts, tie rods, ball joints, checked out to be in good shape, so they say. The car doesn't move all over the road or anything. It's just that to go straight i have to turn the wheel to the right until i feel alittle resistence. Or do you think it could be air in the system? I never changed the fluid or the filter. I brought the car from someone i know, and looking at all of the service records, i don't see where the fluid was ever changed. suggestions, suggestions, going once, going twice :lol::lol:

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