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Hey guys,

I know ther are alot of topics on this, but i don't think anyone ran across my problem. I was also having trouble with my heater/ac blower motor. Sometimes it worked, at times it did not. I cleaned the connectors switch the relays around, all was good, started working no more problems. Decided to go to the 24 hr car wash this morning around 6:30 AM, not a usual procedure but, car was just too dirty. Just before going through blower motor was working. When i got to the end, blower was not operating, under any setting. I went to work anyway. After work blower still did not operate. Thank god for heated seats, when i got home, checked all fuses, they were fine, disconnected, and connected blower motor connection, pulled relay's and switched them around. Started the car up, after 10-15 seconds blower was blowing hot air. Made a few errands blower operated like normal. After all this explaing, my question is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? :unsure::blink:

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Hopefully there was a loose wire or whatever - and you fixed it.

I recall some posts that related HVAC blower problems to the spark plug wires being routed too close or otherwise incorrectly.

This issue may have also been noted on some fuel rail recall repairs.

Perhaps the car wash water that went under the hood near the blower and plugs - exacerbated the problem?

Good luck


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If the wires were on the blower motor, it may be too late. If it fails completely in the future, I would suspect the motor. The new one were redisigned and are not suseptable to EMI like the old ones were. I just replaced mine.

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