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Off comes the cover


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Had a job close to home starting in November (Ironworking) so I parked the Eldo at a neighbors (he's got a two car garage and only one car) and covered it up for the winter.

Job got done early and now I'm going to have to round trip over a hundred miles a day. Tried to save the shine , but now I'm going to have to dig that greatly underpowered gas hog out of winter retirement. (23.5mpg at last check)

Really wanted to find out about snow performance anyhow . I changed the oil before I parked , and that is it. Hope it fires up.


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I bet it'll be ready to go for you. Might want to put a charger on the battery...

I'd be surprised if the snow performance isn't great - seems like the combination of FWD and traction control would be just what you need. Down here in Texas, we don't get too many opportunities to try 'em out in the snow. Usually just a couple of days a year.

Good luck!

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My front wheel drive Eldorado was outstanding in the snow and slick conditions in light of our recent blizzard. I was waiting in line at a stop sign where there was a moderate up-hill grade, and ahead of me was a Ford pickup truck. The truck could barely accelerate as his tires were spinning like mad trying to get traction. Then came my turn. Traction Control kicked in--No Problem!

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You were kidding right? :blink: "I'm going to have to dig that greatly underpowered gas hog out of winter retirement. (23.5mpg at last check)"

Most folks would be hard-pressed to name another vehicle that has anywhere near the power-on-demand and very reasonable economywith such a fine package. :huh:

Nice that it was covered. At least you did'nt mention starting it up every now and then "to make sure its OK". As you may know, that practice is will water-down the oil and leave condensation in the exhaust piping as well.

You will like the snow-go ability. Just remember that turning and stopping can't compare to the the great start-up traction. :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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That thing is nearly unstoppable (meant in the best way) in the snow! I'm only sorry you missed the opportunity to find that out firsthand.



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