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For those who may know. Will a GM factory Seville cd / changer, from a 2004 Seville, work in a 2002 Seville? This is the unit that mounts in the armrest. I have read horror stories, about GM, and the cd / changer interchangeability. Thanks for any replies.


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Yes the CD changer from 2002 to 2004 (Sevilles) and maybe 2005 (Devilles) are interchangeable

I note that you are putting it into a 2002. Before you begin… Press the PTY button on your radio… If it does NOTHING you might have a problem. If it responds something like “Satellite radio not installed” You are in good shape.

As far as I can tell, some early 2002 radios do not communicate very well over the new data bus that was introduced for model year 2002. After about 3 - 7 days it will drop the changer from the list of sources... If you have one of these radios you have two choices. One, have your dealer update the radio. Or two, When the changer drops... Unload the cd cassette, turn off the car and then reload the cassette.

re 2005 Devilles I know that the radios interchange, you might what to check with the parts guy at your dealership regarding 2005 Deville changers...

Good Luck


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