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Air Filter behind evaporator 97 Seville


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I have a 97 Seville SLS that had the "ugly" odor mentioned before with AC System. I cut open the evaporator housing and sprayed the evaporator with solution of bleach and water. The solution did drain from the evaporator onto the driveway.

Now the smell is worse!!! It smells like a old gym sock left in the car. Especially when the AC goes on. I asked if this car has a cabin filter and was told it did not. However I called the dealership today and they indicated that there is a filter behind the evaporator. Which means if this filter was the original source of smell before, now it is wet and even worse.

Can anyone how to get to this filter and is it a "B _ _ _ _" to get out?



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I don't think the '97s had the filter. Your evaporator has mold/mildew buildup and that is the stench you are experiencing. There is a way to enable the afterblow feature in the diagnostic overrided. The blower motor will then continue to run for about two minutes after the car is turned off. That dries the evaporator core so the mold/mildew can't survive.

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