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My STS 98 Cluster today just went blank. The first problem I had with the cluster the DIC and the speed would blank but the signal would still work but everything else worked fine. Then the next problem was while I was driving during a 2 hour trip the cluster Fuel and Temp gague just stop working and the DIC was still blank which showed the mileage. Now the cluster is blank nothing is lit just the service engine soon light and when I put it into i hear a clicking sound and at time it has a hard time tryin to start. I need some input could yall help me please and thanks..

One more thing the car needs a tune up Spark plugs and Wires are bad.

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If you determine that your cluster is shot, you can have it rebuilt/repaired here


I have used them to fix an 86 Corvette, they were quick.

You might want to put a call into them to see what they think, if I am not mistaken there is a transformer somewhere that feeds the dash... Mike

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