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soaked allante


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The cadillac 1-800 number people told me to check this website out

since they have no idea what to tell me

My weatherstripping is totally shot!

and there is no new weatherstripping available

The car is so soaked with nice mildew fuzz

It is a allante '93

I live in Vancouver B.C. so we get lots of rain

what do i do??

buy old weatherstriping pieces here and there?

can someone replace weatherstripping by some

non-contoured rubber seal from the hardware store?

The cadillac dealership people keep looking at me funny

like I was insane to keep the car

Like a cadillac was a car you have to throw out when you get

a broken headlight

The car runs great! but as it keep getting soaked

the water is starting to create a problem witht he stereo

and the electric system

please help

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Ok, this might sound hokey, but I've seen in JC Whitney catalogs alot of different weatherstripping that comes in cut-to-fit lengths with different cross-section profiles. They have a website - you might want to wander over there and see if you see anything that might work.

Might luck into something that could save you some $$$.

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Hey There!

you people gave me way too much hope

the cadillac-parts-for-less site lists the weatherstripping but they do not have it

I actually thought I had ordered the part but just found an e-mail I had


the one they sent after the confirmation of order

I was expecting it in the mail any time..Ha Ha Ha

the info i found about jc whitney was for soff seal replacement weatherstripping

which sounded good..but jc whitney only carries the weatherstripping for up to

1990 allante . I am trying to contact soff seal directly to see if they ever made weatherstripping replacement for the allante 1993..

cadillac ,the dump it when you got a broken head lamp car...

I can't believe it

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