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Trunk Leak Fixed


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If your trunk lid seal is leaking, it could be time to replace the weatherstrip rubber. A replacement part is available from the usual on-line sources and is a slightly different design compared to the original assembly piece. My favorite dealer's parts counter guy gave me a "sample" of the (3M) adhesive.

Pulling the old rubber off is straight forward, but removing the old adhesive is another story. I did not use a solvent because any chemistry that would remove the adhesive would also remove the paint. Using plastic dry wall tools, I removed as much old adhesive as possible and did not worry about getting it "clean".

The new rubber already has adhesive (contact cement) applied inside the molding where the rubber will contact the raised flange of the trunk opening. Put a thin coat of adhesive on the outside of the flange paying attention to the edge; let it setup for an hour and touchup as required to be certain the layer of adhesive is 100% continuous.

Install new rubber and be sure to seat it all the way to the flange all the way around. See pix of rubber mallet!


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