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95 Devile Concours Electircal Prob

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I have a 95 Deville. The fuel guage started reading empty when it was even full. When you turn the lights on the reminder is beeping, like when you leave your lights on. I finally found out that it is blowing the IGN fuse under the hood. I replaced it, but when I am driving it is keeps blowing the fuse. Any help?

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Check the negative ground points on the car.

One is at the battery to engine and battery to frame.

A second ground point is at the engine. I believe you'll find it on the head at the driver's side of the car just under the water pump jacket and slightly above the transmission case. A stud sticks out where the ground strap is bolted.

Make sure these are clean and tight before trying to do anything else.

Good luck! :)

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