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I just thought I would share my experience with all. When I bought my Seville this past November, it only camewith two keys. One had to go to the little lady, which left me with one for myself. I always carry a spare key for my vehicles, although I have never "NEEDED" one. On super cold mornings, I like to start the car to warm it up, but without a spare, I cannot lock it. So, I purchased a key from Ebay, for about $18.00. You only neeed a PK3 key. it doesn't matter what car it says it is for. I have heard that it costs $80+ at the dealer. I took it to the locksmith, $5.30 later, it is cut. I went out to the car, and programmed it. It couldn't be easier.

1. With the old key, start the engine.

2. Turn engine off, and remove key.

3. Within 15 seconds, insert new key to be programmed, and turn to "on" position, without starting engine.

4. Wait for the "bonging" to stop, turn ignition off.

The new key is now programmed. It litteraly takes 10-20 seconds to program one. So, if you need a key, or know someone who has a need for one, please do not go to the dealer. I saved at least $60.00 by doing it this way. Also, the locksmith said I could have gotten one from him, for $47.70. So I saved $24.40 by not buying the locksmiths key. Just do yourself a favor, if you buy a key off of Ebay. Do not use "mylocksmith". That is who I used, and it took them 27 days to deliver the key. They do not answer e-mails. I thought for sure, that I had been ripped off. Definitely use someone else.


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