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4.6 N* valve spring force - Bbobnyski?


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Hi all,

I'm checking the valve springs on my 4.6 N* and have a question about the spring force if it is measured WITHOUT the apparatus called out in the Helms manual.

I have access to a force gauge and a stand that allows direct compression of the springs.

I measured two springs. Values are very close to the "valve closed" values at the length specified in Helms, but the "valve open" values are low by 20 pounds.

The tool called out in the Helms manual uses a torque wrench and measuring stand that has the valve spring at the end of an arm on the stand. It appears that the arm on the apparatus adds a multiplier value that is compensated in the valve spring forces called out in the manual.

Anyone got any info on what the direct spring compression forces should be?

I'd also like to have the spring heights associated with the forces. I'm not sure if the lengths called out in the Helms manual are compensated on the test device in a similar manner as the forces.

Alternately, does anyone have one of these tools so I could ask for a couple of quick measurements from the pivot arm?

Any help appreciated.

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Thanks for the info. I'll leave the springs alone and put the heads back together.

Yeah, my reference is some of the "great" stuff that was manufactured in the 70's - 80's, so I'm having to learn where the pitfalls occur on the newer products. Valve train, timing chains and steering linkage were biggies back then...

I'm just killing time until this weekend when I'll have the Timesert party (LOL).

On a different subject, I was considering replacing the transmission converter and drive shaft seals. Any comments on the life expectancy of these seals? I would hate to have a converter (or main engine) seal leak after all of this work. I would only cuss a little on a drive shaft seal.

The Helms book is a little lacking in the transmission area on drive shaft and converter seal R&R.

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