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Door Problem

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Hi All

This is not a Caddy related problem but I was hoping that some of you experts can help me with this. I also have, along with my 92 Seville a 96 Grand Am. The problem that has been happening is that I cant seem to open the pass. side door.

This door is stuck in no-mans-land. I've tried to unlock with the key, power locks, inside and outside handles and every possible combination I could think off. I know the mechanism is not frozen and I've disconnected the fuses as this silly car locks the doors when you put in gear.

This also happened to the drivers side a few times but I removed the panel after fidelling with the locks for a while and looked at the rods and stuff and all looked fine and the door is also fine, for now but my wife is afraid that one day she'll be locked in the car and have to get out the "Nascar" way.

Does anyone have any sugesstions on how to open this door so I can take the panel off and disconnect the PDL actuators and open and close doors the good old fasion way.

Thanks for any help that can be given and sorry about posting about a Pontiac instead of a Caddy.

Frank Carbone

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I've seen similar problems on other cars where the linkages use plastic connectors to tie into the door release mechanism. These parts can bind, wear, or break in small areas, and prevent the linkage from fully extending when they age.

There are a myriad of possibilities, but they usually relate to something that does not slide well or can not fully extend (there's a joke in here somewhere, I think).

You'll need to know what the correct assembly is supposed to look like so you can make a comparison unless it's obvious that something is broken.

There is a reason for the malfunction. I'd check this out so the manual locking part does not pull out of the door one day and leave you in a bigger mess.

Good luck!

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