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Well, after watching the Inaugural Parade I had a chance to take a long look at the Presidential Limo. I have a pretty good idea of what the 2006 DTS will look like and I'm not disappointed. I'm not really overjoyed either.

I hope the small chrome treatments at the front and rear corners remain. It appears they have a combination cornering lamp/fog lamp arrangement. Not sure if the grill will be the same (it appears to extend beyond the headlights.)

Whether you like the styling or not it has the dominant appearance of a luxury sedan. I wonder if they will offer it with the 340hp engine and "Z" rated tires. I understand it will debut at the February Auto Show in Chicago.

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I saw some of that on T.V I thought that the car looked pretty good for a limo. I want to see what the regular DeVille will look like then I will know if I like it or not!

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Defending Northstar perf a qtr mile at a time!!!!

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At least it doesn't look like an Aztec!

I watched a little bit of the coverage on the evening news. I was immediately impressed by the fact that Cadillac was the choice of vehicles for the inuaguration. It was unmistakeable..Caddy's everywhere..Beautiful! Way to go Cadillac!

My first impression was "Boy they sure have a lot of Escalades in that parade" but then I realized they were new limos.

Thanks to Bruce for bringing this to light. I sorta liken the the design to an Escalade front end coupled to an Eldo rear...not too shabby.

I'm sure the final product for the rest of us low lifes will be a terrific blend of beauty, comfort, value, and economy, just like I've always expected from GM and Cadillac! I think we all have a lot to look forward to.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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I HATE the front end, LOVE the back end. The grayish looking lights on the front end beside the cornering lamps are L.E.D. turn signals and looks like they were bolted on at the last minute from the implement trailer supply company down the street from GM. I think a billet grille maybe would help out the grille. I do like the rear end though...clean, sleek and sharp lines, nice crest. Just my $0.02.

BTW the headlights are horrid. The 00-05 Deville headlights are described in the brochure as "Large" "Jewel like". I love the 00-05 style headlights. These headlights look like they were pulled out of CTS, hacked up and thrown in to fill space. Hope they do something better with the production model.


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I don't think so. They are the warning lights, I believe. Even Preseidential Limos need turn signals. I think the directionals are in the headlamp assy.

We'll have to wait and see.

I do like the grill, though.

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