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I'm confused...

when I was stuck in the snow... I noticed only one wheel was spinning?

is it true that only one wheel in the back spins... ever?

I thought traction control would "give power to the wheel with traction"


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Oh My Gosh....You are serious ONLY ONE tire was spinning??!!!!!!!! Was it the right hind tire? That is aweful, for an expensive, luxurious car! Guru..I'm surprised (LOL)- only one wheel wonders? Maybe limited-slip is a factory option and yours didn't get it. It'll be easier to buy and install, if that's the case! Oh well, I may catch heck for that. But honestly...

I would very seriously consider getting a limited-slip/posi differential installed! If you are in deep snow or winter that much, it should be a given that you have limited-slip. Are you using dedicated winter tires? If not, you may be amazed at the help they provide in wintery conditions. However, search the aftermarket, and even GM, for a limited-slip differential. It shouldn't be that expensive to acquire. Traction control is great, I really like it, but it doesn't seem to create a guarantee for both tires to spin.

While driving several Cateras, we noticed a sport model to have limited-slip, where the others were open differentials (yuck). My friends and I are so humored by watching open diff cars attempting to move with little or no success, when one drive wheel is uselessly spinning and the one with good traction does nothing. The vehicles just look silly and unappealing. Although CTSs may not be getting limited-slip, it seems auto makers are incorporating limited-slip diffs A LOT more in recent years; hopefully that trend will continue! FWIW, I remember this past summer a friend was driving a CTS for a few weeks....and racing it. Everyone noted the right hind tire seemed the dominant drive tire, doing all the spinning. The CTS is a VERY nice, quick, fun car, but again limited-slip may be essential. Good Luck!

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