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Power antenna

Jan Olsson

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Ie circuit breaker. The other day I heard a "tick" like if the antenna motor was cut off when it was trying to retract. It was ice all over the antenna after a couple of miles driving in foggy and icy weather.

Would be nice to know if it is equipped with a feature like that :)

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Hi Jan

I think the torqswitch that stops the antenna at the top and the bottom, will cut you out if there is ice or anything else restricting the antenna movement.

Gott nytt år


Runar(Vancouver Island)

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Thanks, it´s nice to be able to turn the radio on without worrying about the antenna motor getting burned

Gott nytt år och god fortsättning Runar, Norrman eller norskättling?

And a happy new year to all of you too :)

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