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GM Service Bulletins Wet Tail Lamps


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What's a good source of obtaining past GM service bulletins?

My local GM dealer, ABEL Chevrolet-Pontiac-Buick, Rio Visa, CA, who I have purchased a few cars from in the past, is most accommodating in giving me some information. The last one I received was a GM Vehicle Inquiry System Summary regarding a 1997 Seville SLS, VIN 1G6KS52Y4VU828431, that I purchased from ABEL on 11-24-04.

The one issue that we (I) should address is that tail lights tend to fog up on the 1997 Seville's and other years and other models of this car.

GM has "resolved" this problem as a design/engineering defect. I understand GM's position as condensation is a normal phenomenon in Seville lights, and is not a problem unless the water is leaving "water strips on the lens". Condensation is mineral free (distilled) and should not be an issue when it evaporates and leaves no residue.

I will bet your "Bippy" if any of the GM brass encountered this "phenomenon" on their cars, that a team of engineers will be on the spot to solve this problem on a daily basis until it was corrected. Rank has privileges.

Drilling holes in the bottom of the lens housing is just a Band-Aid. The causation of the problem should be investigated and not glossed over.

It is my understanding that there is some GM service bulletins addressing this subject. If you have any information about this "phenomenon", I would be most receptive in obtaining this information. You mail e-mail at: antfish@frontiernet.net or post your reply on CaddyInfo.

Thank you,

Ed of The Delta

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