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2005 Escalade - 116,000 miles and still going strong! Some minor issues....

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So I just hit 116,000 miles on my Escalade and with only a few issues. I had to replace the rear air shocks because the original bladders were no longer holding air and the compressor was coming on too often. After some research, I decided on the Arnott (Florida) brand of Shocks that are rebuilt Factory shocks BUT they are using Goodyear Rubber bladders and they are guaranteed for life. According to Arnott, GM uses cheaper rubbers and they do not hold up was well as the Goodyear does. Arnott also sell new ones, but the new versions bypass the computer and so no computer adjusted ride is activated. I did not want that.

I purchased these rebuilt shocks for around $400 bucks, installed them and they worked perfect for a year. After a year the solinoid failed on one (service ride control warning on dash) and I contacted Arnott. They immediately sent out a replacement, paid for the freight both ways, and my out of pocket expense was zero. Twenty minutes later the new shock was installed and works like new again. The ride is original Factory!

These Factory air shocks that are rebuilt by Arnott are less about $600 bucks less than the Caddy Dealer and they are also guaranteed for life! Anyone having issues with their rear shocks should look into Arnott - a very reputable Company IMHO. The GM OEM's are only a 1 year warranty.

I have since replaced a few more light bulbs in the steering wheel switches but I followed the same procedure I posted years ago right here. Cost me around $3 dollars for the bulbs.

Had to replace the gas pistons that hold open the rear hatch and that took about 2 minutes after I received them from a Caddy Dealer on line.

Other than these few minor items, the 2005 Escalade has proven to be the best vehicle I have ever owned and is STILL running 100%. I only WISH the new ones were not so damned ULGY!! Who ever designed them should be fired and banned from the industry. BLECHHHH!!!! Guess I will be keeping my '05 until they redesign the Escalade and de-ugly it!

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