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Could be either. Looking at the schematic for the 2003 Seville without the magneto rheological shocks, you have two fuses, both in the rear fuse block. The 30 Amp ELC fuse (number 64) disconnects power to the relay and the exhaust solenoid, so if you pull that one and the battery drain stops, it's either draining from the relay or the solenoid. You can pull the ELC relay (number 55) to be sure.

But a bad height sensor will cause the relay to be powered all the time. If the ELC module grounds the YEL wire on terminal C10 of fuse block connector C3, that turns on the relay. The height sensor is part of the ELC module. I believe that the 20 Amp MR CVRTD fuse in the rear fuse block powers the ELC module, so if pulling that fuse stops the battery drain while the ELC fuse is in, it's the sensor, which is part of the module.

If you *do* have the magneto rheological shocks, the only fuse is the 30 Amp ELC fuse. You can pull that and the relay separately to see what happens.

But I would start by making sure that the sensor was connected to the suspension properly.

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