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Thanks for any help.

Had a new radio installed by a well known stereo shop. Got home, went on emergency out of town for a week. Got home and went to take the truck to the store and battery was dead. Jump started it and problems everywhere. Instrument cluster nothing works, batt light is on, air bag light and one other. Locks, Windows, nothing on the door works. Speakers don't work. Radio works but no speaker output. Went to turn the truck off and radio won't turn off. What has happened?

There is a fuse box on the side with small fuses and I checked all that I could (except the larger ones) and everything looked good. Any help is appreciated it.


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It would seem most likely that your well-known (I like reputable, personally) stereo shop wired your stereo in such a way that there's a constant drain on the electrical system. Drain a battery, and all sorts of symptoms are going to appear within a complex, automotive electrical system.

That being said, it might have been a coincidence. You didn't mention the age of the battery. It may have been on it's last legs anyway, and a week by itself, (the vehicle always draws power) may have been more than it could bear. It wouldn't hurt to take the battery to an auto parts store and have it load-tested. Once you have a reliable battery in your truck, remove all fuses related to the stereo installation and fire up the ignition. If the vehicle looks good, head over to that well-known stereo shop and have them review their work. Report back with new symptoms.


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The simplest approach is to run the OBD codes and if that tells you anything fix that. If the battery drain continues, pull the fuses one at a time and see which one stops the battery drain to isolate the circuit and go from there.

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