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The “personal luxury vehicle” is an idea that many U.S. automakers have tried to make work over the years, with varying levels of success. The idea was a coupe or convertible meant more for luxury than outright speed, a bit like a grand tourer but with more of an American flavor. Many of these models tanked even before European grand tourers were readily available and well-known in this country. Only a couple of cars managed to make it work, and one stayed stay alive for 10 generations spanning 50 years. That car was the Cadillac Eldorado, and it remains one of the best loved classic Cadillacs .

Read more: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/cadillac-eldoradoa-look-back-ar171064.html


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The author of that article is full of crap when he sais the V8-6-4 engines had a tendency to explode after extended running in V4 mode... No V8-6-4 ever exploded - it would have made front page news if it did.

What all these "armchair quarterback" authors do not realize is the government regulations strangled the automakers - they had no choice but to comply with engines that were detuned in order to meet the government requirements.

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