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No Battery Charge


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Yes it could be the regulater inside the alternator. It is my understanding that the gm alternators are a demand type they only put out a voltage when required, 14.6 is within limits but my guess is the regulator is going to high and shutting down saying that I would check my connections and when the message comes on again check the voltage with a meter. If everything checks out and the battery loses its charge over time take the alternator to a test faculity and have them put it on a tester

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Yup...experienced the same message between Atlanta and Chicago last week...pulled into a Caddy dealer in Marion, Il - alternator O.K..starter O.k. battery O.K. bought an alternator, just in case, - it's in the trunk in case mine pukes.. - dealer cleaned terminals, cleaned corrosion on cable, and replaced battery nut (corroded)..all O.K now..

93 STS with 206,000 - running strong with Mobil 1 !

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Replaced the alternator (what a royal

pain and had to cut my 15mm wrench

in half) and so far it's charging OK. My

guess is the battery encountered a slow

death and took the alternator with it.

For now on I'm replacing the battery

every 3-4 years no matter what.

The pully on the NAPA alternator wobbled

- no thanks. Then I got one at CarQuest.

The pully was true, but the bearing

made some noise when it spun. Whaddaya

think? Would you have gotten it? Or it

just doesn't matter?

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My mom drove a 95 ford Aerostar that did the exact same thing we bought a new battery and that even died we never did find out what was causing it though we junked the van before we bothered getting everything fixed on it. But you should get that checkd out right away.

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Defending Northstar perf a qtr mile at a time!!!!

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I would drive the car back to carquest and have them listen to it. They are the ones that will have to give you a new one if it fails. I would have to listen to it before I could tell, but you should not be able to hear it with the hood closed. Its hard to explain the slip ring sound, something like a muffled whiring, may be they replaced the brushes and they have to break in. A bad bearing would be a grinding or screeching sound on the car and a rough feel if turned by hand. I can only guess.Mike

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