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I hope that Pat Goss of "Goss' Garage" on Motorweek reads this. He's always been Mr. Change and flush everything every week. Good grief.

However, I think that article misses some stuff. Manufacturers do compete on the service interval issues. Some will push it to the limit in order to have a low projected cost of operation.

What's with this "will enure reliable operation through the warranty period" - or whatever that publicatin said. Yikes! That's not exactly reassuring. I'm looking for 150,000 + miles.

If you really like to enjoy the full capabilities of your Northstar on a frequent basis, then something like Mobil 1 is insurance that at 6000+ rpms everything is cool. You can feel better about those extended changes, and also know that what oil that is consumed does not leave behind any deposits. Maybe it's not that important, but if you want to maintain 100% performance for a long time, I think little things like this help.

With an extended oil change interval, the dirt that does get past the filters (the small stuff under 25 or maybe 10 microns) does accumulate. Although the oil may be functioning as it should and holding up fine, dirt keeps adding up. If you want the car to perform at 100,000 miles like it did at 20,000, I'd change oil a little more frequently than 7,500 or what the oil life monitor says. Sure, 3,000 is almost always over-doing it. For most people 5,000 is probably great even for a fanatic.

They failed to mention that oil technology has come a long way too. I have relative at Exxon, and there is no comparison between oil today and 20 years ago. Even now they are working to reduce elements like phosphorus or whatever so that it's even more catalytic converter friendly to maximize emmission control over the life of the car.

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Strictly on the oil issue, Consumer Reports did an in depth study about 3 years ago using NYC Cabs as the test vehicles regarding oil change intervals. There can be no more grueling test grounds than that. They analyzed all particles based on a number of intervals of changes.

I believe their consensus was if you drove in that environment a 7000 mile oil and filter change was more than adequate. If you are a subscriber I'm sure you can go online and get it from their archives. When I have time I'll try to get it and post it here.

Myself, I usually change at earlier than 7000 mi. intervals just to give my mechanic some business. Also, coolant changes because of the aluminum block (dexcool only). I don't pile up a lot of miles since my retirement. I think the synthetic is way over priced too and doesn't improve anything if you change oil frequently.

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I think that's a good article, and I agree with most of it. Curiously, for an article that's advocating extending the life of such filters and fluids, I find it interesting that they recommend replacing the air filter, at the most often, every other oil change, or about every 15,000 miles according to their quoted average of 7,500 miles/oil change.

"Air filters often can be blown clean with compressed air and then replaced at every other oil change."

I typically go about 50,000 miles between filter changes. I've driven my Nissan truck almost 20,000 miles since I bought it and I've only tapped the filter free of loose particles once. Other than that, it still looks new. I wouldn't think of replacing it, at the most, every other oil change!

I'm glad that the extended oil changes are beginning to gain industry acceptance. What a waste of resources to change modern engine oil every 3,000 miles or less, especially on a newer engine with few miles. In general, I've followed the Oil Life Monitor on the Seville and it's seen a diet of only dino oil for the last 140,000 miles and it still runs like a top. It's really a grim outlook for quick lube places because as recommended oil change intervals are extended, their other supplementary business (like lube jobs, transmission fluid changes) are also being negated by the auto makers. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% with the auto makers in reducing maintenance requirements (and thusly, reducing maintenance materials and most importantly, maintenance waste), but I can certainly understand why the quick lubes are putting increased pressure on people to purchase these "other services" to make up for lost oil change revenue.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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I agree, but on filters the environment dictates when to change or clean any filters. When I was going through the grief of solving my stalling problem one of the early remedies was to change the air and fuel filter.

I was surprised when I saw how dirty my air filter was after only 25k miles especially since I live in upstate NY and in a rural area. For some reason that I don't completely understand my average mpg increased. I know it couldn't be the air filter because the computer compensates for that, but the fuel filter did not look that dirty.

As to the quick lube shops up here, many offer ancillary sevices such as engine cleaning and interior and exterior detailing. Occasionally they will try to pump you to change the internal air filter at about $100.00.

We need to take measures to reduce our dependence on oil. Being sensible about oil changes is a good area to start. These quick lube franchises are agile enough to adjust to changing sensibilities. Other services that they could offer might keep more money in the USA.

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I hope that Pat Goss of "Goss' Garage" on Motorweek reads this.  He's always been Mr. Change and flush everything every week.  Good grief.

Speaking of Motorweek,

I just caught a recent edition... They "reviewed" the 2005 STS and by and large they gave it good reviews... They did like the AWD version of the V8 STS... And they noted that while smaller outside by over 5 inches it was the same size inside... But I just about fell out of my seat when they noted that the V6 came only in Front Wheel Drive! :o

They fixed their review on their web site... But it makes me wonder if any of these auto "reporters" actually drive anything...


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In general, I've followed the Oil Life Monitor on the Seville and it's seen a diet of only dino oil for the last 140,000 miles and it still runs like a top....

Likewise with my Seville.

I convinced a neighbor to follow the OLM on her Buick (the dealer was pushing 3,000 mile changes on her). She convinced another family member to do the same.

Small steps.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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