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Power Seat/Memory call it quits when it gets cold.

STS Scott

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This post is regarding our Deville...

The drivers seat has been acting up lately, since the temps. have dropped, as it has become lethargic. The manual adjustment, nor the memory funtion work, and the seat usually stays in the "entry" position.

The part I find funny, is that my Dad (it's his car) likes his seat tilted forward somewhat, when driving, but loves the feature on the car that sets up an "exit" position. Conversly, he has the seat programed to go all the way back, and tilt rear ward a bit when getting out. Now with the seat frozen in place, he has to drive it in the exit position - a position akin to a pimpin' dude from Detroit...which is what the car is unintentionaly modeled after anyway (my dad just liked the look, not the image...but I think he ended up with both!), as he's got the Vogue tires, and the pearl red paint - generaly a more "cultured" look than what you would see here in Canada! As a self proclaimed "old fat bald guy", looks like he has an identity crisis when driving the car! I just laugh and shake my head.

Then on the other hand, my mom drives the car aswell. This presents a problem, as she is short and must adjust the seat accordingly...and then the seat freezes after she has driven it, and my Dad is forced to drive like a 90 yr old man, with the seat cranked up to the steering wheel! lol

As funny as all this seems to me, they get a little flustered sometimes, so I told them I would seek an answer to the problem here at the board.

Which leads me to my question, what disfuntional family do you most see us as resembli...

No really, what do you guys think the problem is? lol

One more detail, is that the seat will move in little spurts, once you are driving, and eventually get to it's intended position.

The car is still under warranty too, so we could always fall back on that.

Thanks for any comments!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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