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The Cadillac CTS sedan and SRX sport utility were named among the best vehicles in the premium midsize car and premium midsize SUV categories respectively. That's an improvement from last year, when both vehicles were in "recommended" vehicles.

Consumer Guide; different bunch from Consumer Reports.



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I love con-sumer reports.

Can some one tell me, do they actually drive anything? I remember an article I read in con-sumer reports in the early eighties where they compared the then brand new '82 Camaro and '82 Firebird. The Camaro came out on top because the '81 Firebird's 4.9 Liter Turbo had a bad service history. :blink:

But in '82 both had the same 5.0 Litre Chevy Engine...

If you look at Con-sumer reports today you will find all kinds of anomalies that make no sense... There is even one example of two very differently looking Mopars that share a chassis and line of engines... One rated a best buy and the other is rated a do not recommend... :huh:

P.S. As soon as my neighbor, who subscribes to con-sumer reports, told me not to buy an 02 STS because it was rated a lemon... I knew that it was the car for me!


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