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ABS Motor 03 DTS

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Abs Motor had to be replaced. Tip The reason it went opened up Master cylinder and found Brake fluid Black so what I did is Disconnect all 6 lines to the ABS Motor let them drain out while I changed Motor And also replaced Pads in rear Before I reconnected the lines I removed the Master Cylinder and flushed with new Brake fluid till it came clear you would not believe the muck in the M.C. put it back reconnected the 6 lines to the ABS Motor Then bled each wheel till it was running clear. All the warning lights went out and the system is working perfect One Kicker I can't figure out how to clear the Replace brake pads warning everytime I start the car can anyone give me a solution it is not in the manual. Word to the wise that ABS Motor is not cheap and all because the Brake fluid was Dirty I never had to replace the fluid in any of my cars and I bought my first car in 1964 The motor went at 70,000 Mi.

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The brake pads have a sensor in them that may not be in the replacement pads.

If your fluid went black, you have an air leak that lets moisture accumulate in the brake fluid. It has to breathe but it should not breathe to the open air. Replace the boot over the master cylinder, check the O ring in the filler cap, etc.

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Thanks for posting.

I flush mine every few years. It keeps the bleeders from seizing up also.

It prevents internal corrosion on the lines, hoses, and seals also.

It also helps keep a nice firm pedal


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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