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93 STS siville Transmission problem


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I have a 93 STS Just resently while driving the transmission seems to shift erradically in and out of overdrive. Everything seems to be normal shifting. if the engine is pulling there is no problem. but if I am between coasting and pulling it starts to shift erratically. All the shifting between the gears seem normal even when going into overdrive. if I take my foot off the gas the transmission shifts out of overdrive normally. it is just when I am not pulling or slowing down this occurs. any help would be appreciated. :(

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Perhaps the first thing to check, is the transmission fluid level. Over and under filling can both cause problems.

The engine must be fully warmed up, on level ground and the engine running at idle when checking.

Fluid should be bright pink or red. Smell it, it should smell like clean oil not have any "burnt" smell.

If the fluid looks brown or dark red, and smells "burnt change it.

Change is usually at 100,000 miles. You drain the fluid by removing the transmission pan and clean the steel screens. There is a bolt that need to be removed while the pan is off to drain the side case. I recommend using a new gasket for the pan.

There is a filter, but it is buried deep in the side cover and not serviced unless the transmission is being taken apart for a complete overhaul.

Often just having fresh fluid can cure shifting transmission eccentricities. A low fluid level can be the cause of "hunting", for a gear to be in.

You don't mention the general running condition of the engine. If the engine is not running easy it will tend to stay in fourth gear more often than not.

Do you have any error codes?

Have you ever changed the spark plugs and wires?


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