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Flashing battery lamp on dashboard STS 1998

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After a "check charging system" error my shop repaired my Cadillac STS 1998 generator (one diode and regulator was broken). Reinstalled the generator and everything. Started and the "check charging system" error was gone. But the dash boards says the battery load is only 11.8 V and the warning battery lamp on dashboard is flashing fast! No error codes to pull out. A mechanic said it probably is wrong regulator installed. The electronic shop checked but says it's correct regulator due to their manuals and connections to generator are correct. Does anyone have a clue what to check for?

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My two cents...Check the plastic piece clipped on the battery cable(s) at the battery. I chased down a similar situation and that voltage sensor had barely a hair of the stranded wire attached to the sensor. I ended up cutting, stripping, soldering and re-connecting the wire. How about a little detective work. Place a volt meter on the battery terminals to verify the voltage. Does the voltage vary with load? Turn on high load accessories and see if the voltage is affected. Your shop should be responsible for verifying the alternator is putting out enough voltage and amperage to keep the battery charged. As you are probably aware, 11.8 volts will not do it!

Best of luck... don't give up!

Ohio Jim

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Thanks for answers. Hm, the flashing battery lamp wasn't on before just after the alternator repair was done so it seems unlikely the battery wirings will mess. Seems more likely it's a regulator problem. The generator doesn't load at all on any rpm. However I will check the battery wiring just to be sure.

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