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Computer Upgrades

Jeff Wilson

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A few days ago my 98 STS displayed "Change Brake Pads" I went to see my mechanic and we got to talking and he said that on Caddies they have computer updates every so often. He asked me for the serial # of my STS, he checked on the GM website and it came back that there are (8) updates for my car. I totally trust my mechanic I have just have never heard of this "computer updates" on vehicles, the industy I work in we do have computer updates I should know better this is a first for me. I have searched the site but haven't come up with anything relating to computer updates, unless I am not searching properly. Can anyone please shed some light?

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Cadillac routinely issues updates to the calibration in the PCMs. Sometimes these might address idle smoothness or other issues. It is not unusual to have your PCM reprogrammed during a dealer visit, but I think only if you actually have some issue that one of the calibration updates addressed.


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