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New Member with a 98 Deville. doesn't have spark. need help please!

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Glad you got the car running. The training process may or may not solve the problems because it gets the passwords straightened out between the modules so that they talk over the network but it probably doesn't get the VIN changed in the modules that check it (radio or IRC, probably RFA, etc.). And, the options list of your car and the cal of the other modules for transmission state of wear, etc. will all have to re-learn.

When you check OBD codes, you need both HISTORY and CURRENT codes. Yes, you will only get codes since you last cleared them and that can be helpful.

If the cluster came from a running car, that will tell you that the cluster is good. It won't help getting it to work in your car. It will have to be reprogrammed to your car. The simplest way to do that is to take both clusters to a dealer or a high-end speedometer shop that offers this service. But, hote that Logan said in Post #42 that the cluster can be programmed for your VIN ONLY ONCE. If so, a used cluster is worthless for a street car that you must get inspected and registered for the road.

I've been thinking about it and I think your best bet is to have your old cluster repaired. Note that the most common problem is the power supplies on it (it has the dimmer, and makes the higher voltages for the plasma displays on the dash and radio console). I don't know how easy it is to replace the power supply but I suspect that it is relatively easy, but still a job for a skilled tech. People like Logan or KHE may be able to do it.

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The air bag warning lamp may be due to a network VIN error. See post #47. So....you may have to go back and get the SDM from the same car. Or...as Jim mentioned...it may be easier to have the original IPC repaired.

Good to hear it runs.

So it sounds like the original problem was the cluster died....so the car died. No one could figure it out so the car ended up at auction.

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