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Disassembled Duke Kit

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Come with a Factroy VIN#####

Description: Blue / grey gelcoat color 1937 Jaguar SS100G kit car by classic rodster Powered by Ford Mustang/Pinto 6cyl, Ford Transmission (not inc) Ford Rear Axle, Factory Tubular Steel Frame($8,000.00), Fiberglass Body, Mustang II Front Suspension,Convertible Top and, hard top Bucket Seats, Interior and Seats, Original Brochure, Papers Manuals could be your weekends car shows, country club, etc. Classic body is only mount on the frame comes with all nuts and bolts dash and a lot of parts that are needed to complete the car

photo is of a completed car

not mine body is just mounted on frame

Factory Tubular Steel Frame($8,000.00)


Price: $10,500.00 or Best Offer

Lots of money for what is likely a partial kit.

Read more: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/ottawa/10-500-come-with-a-factroy-vin-1937-jaguar-duke-ss100-kit/582677463?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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Things cost more in Canada, but still... Guess I won't buy it for spare parts. I haven't followed any completed sales since we bought ours in 2012, but those I watched prior to that were going for $9-11k complete and in typical condition (needing some work). There were a couple of VW rear-engine models (not Classic Roadsters) that were cheaper. I have seen a lot of the Excaliber Mercedes replicas. I looked at one, but just don't care for the look--no offense to any Excaliber owner.

It will be interesting to see how prices evolve. We are really happy for what we got our Duke for because we have had to spend some more to ship it and do necessary mechanical work. We consider it as a frivolous pleasure, not an investment. But if prices hold or go up, hey???

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