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AIR pump

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Need advice. I guess i am slightly obsessed but i broke down and spent the money to replace my AIR pump on my 2003 SLS (with conversion). I plan on keeping the car for years so for me it was worth it. The pump is working and the service light is no longer on 24-7. problem, every three or four days the service light comes on and i still get the 1000 and the 0410. I am not the most gifted mechanic but can someone explain how i can troubleshoot the solenoids? It seems to me i get the codes when the system is in checking itself and i get an intermittent fail status which kicks on the codes. i reset them when i finish my drive then three or four days later they come back on. more of an annoyance than anything.

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B1000 ECU Malfunction
U1000 Class 2 Communication Malfunction
P0140 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Circuit Insufficient Activity Bank 1 Sensor 2

I'm afraid that I don't know what codes your car is throwing. If you read them from the DIC using the procedure linked to in my signature block, you will get codes of the general form


where the first three letter are an ancronym for the module that threw the code, Pnnnn is the code (the letter is one of P[owertrain], C[hassis], B[ody], or U[figgerouthisacrynymitmeansnetwork] and the suffix CURRENT or HISTORY tells whether the problem is currently detected or not. Please post the whole code here. If you have a network code, we need to know which module threw that code.

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IIRC. THe P0410 covers a broad range of problems.

I have had issues with GMs and this code

If you hook up a scantool it may give you a letter on the end of the code that may help you narrow it down.

The air system works with the o2 sensors, 2 diversion valves, piping to the manifolds. Any of the 3 can cause this code.

Common problems are ,

Diverter valves stick or fail

Piping into the manifolds can become plugged.

If water was ingested by the pump it could have damaged the valves.

When the pump gets replaced it is recommended to replace the valves, and solenoid to prevent the new parts from being recontaminated


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