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My 95 Eldorado, cops say my brake lights don't work, I BEG TO DIFFER!

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Mine is a 95 Cadillac Eldorado has 30,000 miles on it. Clean! one question, my brake lights work fine. But the other day I got stopped by a dumb *smurf* cop who said they were out, keep in mind it was bright as day outside at this time. So I was like ok. When I went into my garage, being it's dark in my garage, my automatic lights turned. I got out of my car and what do you know! My brake lights are on! And when pressed on the brake pedal they get brighter as well. When I backed out of the garage in the daylight of course the automatic lights turned off, but this time I pressed to button for my lights to come on and STILL..my brake lights work! So the reason for me writing this is to ask if anyone knows that the feature for the tail light brake lights to not be on during the daylight and only the brake light in the back window to be on during daylight is a feature thats normal? Like is it a feature that Cadillac made to save energy?

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Welcome to caddyinfo.

If the center window light is the only one working it may be a problem with the multifunction turn signal switch.

The brake lights should work at all times under any condition. hope this helps.

Sometimes when the turn signal switch starts to go it will cause the center brake light to work but not the outers, being they are on seperate circuits.

The CHMSL(center brake light) is direct from the brake switch but the taillight brake lights go through the turn signal switch


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BRAKE lights should illuminate any time you step on the brake pedal, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. There is no energy conservation feature...LOL. That is a federal motor vehicle safety requirement. PARKING lights or TAIL LIGHTS will only be illuminated when the ambient light is low enough to cause the Twilight Sentinel to turn them on or if the manual switch is activated.

Did you have someone step on the brake pedal while you observed the brake lights to see if they functioned properly? Your post seems to confuse PARKING LIGHTS with BRAKE lights. Maybe the cop was right?

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Rockfangd is correct. To facilitate the turn signal function...the brake light circuit goes thru the turn signal switch.

A bad turn signal switch can cause no brake lights or intermitant brake lights. The CHMSL is on a different circuit and is not controlled by the turn signal switch.

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