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Retarded 91 Deville

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My ’91 Deville has recurring issues with Code 98. I have a factory manual that says this P/R/N/D issue retards the timing and leans out the fuel rack. Additionally, my car gets unbelievably bad gas-yardage (like 11.5 avg. hwy/city). I have cleared the code a few times, re-programmed the car's idle after disconnecting the battery (according to the owner’s manual).

The way I figure there’s an error code is when I see bicyclists passing me on the street because my car thinks it's an old 4/6/8, and not because the car idles poorly, or idles fast. So, my question is; what causes code 98 to show up, and has anyone else experienced similar performance problems when the only error code is 98? The motor has 117,000

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