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Picking up my first Cadillac tomorrow!

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I did it! I bought a 1991 Deville today. Pretty sure the BCM needs to be replaced and it runs a little rough at startup but seems to smooth out as it warms up. I will be driving it about two hours home...what should I be watching and listening for...other than the obvious? By the way, she only has a hair over 30,000 original miles. :)

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Welcome & congrats. :welcomesmiley::nopicssmiley:

First thing to do before leaving there is check the codes if possible.

Any used car plan to change all the fluids, and look at everything to see what is going to need doing soon.


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Wow - what a find!

Body control modules are usually very durable. What makes you think it needs to be replaced?

The fuel injectors on the 4.9 engine can go bad causing a rough idle - the injector coil windings short out.

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I would put some good gas in it.

Check all of the fluids

Check the battery and charging system out

check tire pressures

check your lights

Basically just make sure it is safe for the haul home. Best of luck, and post some pics


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Made it home without problems. Don't know how to post pics. As soon as I figure it out I'll post some.

The way I do pictures to forums is...

Get a free Photobucket account...

Upload your pictures to the free account...

Make a few folders to organize your pictures if you want to...

When you move the mouse over a picture, a little gear will pop up on the upper right corner of the picture.

Move the mouse over the gear and a menu will drop down... click on GET LINKS... click on the bottom one...IMG Codes

Then come to the forum and do a PASTE and your FULL SIZE picture is then here.

Posted Image
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Looks good. Blue interior?

Yes, blue leather. Interior is in the same condition as the exterior. CarFax report indicated the oil was changed about every 1,200 to 1,500 miles. Right now it looks like I'll be having the BCM, power steering pump and the serpentine belt replaced over the next few weeks. Other than that...everything works as it should.

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very clean cadillac. Nice find. The 91 is a nice year. comfortable, reliable. clean luxury.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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