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Electric gremlins?????? Seville 1990

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Remember I wrote aboute starting problems last fall. Did not turn or engage starter att all. Next day everything ok just to come back a week later. The car went into storage over winter. Today I began check to take it out again.

Meassureing ON battery I have 12,4V.

From battery + to ground on chassie or engine there is nothing!!!

At this point I was certain: Faulty ground! But.....

From the 12V terminal (behind the battery) to chassie there is 11,8V.

From same terminal to battery neg there is nothing!!!

Everything(?) works but the starter motor.

This is impossible!!!!!!!! Or......?

BTW. My instument works fine!

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On the 4.x engines of that era...there is a service bulletin about the engine ground mounted on the engine block right near the starter.

It can can look ok...but really needs to be taken apart and cleaned.

Normaly..it causes problems with the cluster kind of thing and not a no start. May be worth a look.

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Check the main ground on the starter Goran suggested. It might be a pass key car with a chip in the key. But, due to the age of the car check battery connections and last the starter might be on its way out.

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When turning the key (Yes, it has a chip and I´ve tried the spare) there is nothing(!) exept for normal "lights out". No sound from any relay or the solenoid. When I try the solenoid with external power lead it clicks in. Therefore I don´t think it is ground related. Wrong?

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Ok, what do we have: passkey lock cylinder, ignition switch top of column, passkey encoder, starter enable relay, Prndl switch. Can you wire up a lamp in the engine compartment on the purple wire going to the starter to see if that bulb will light all the time in the start/crank position. The ignition switch might be out of adjustment on top of column.

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