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'99 STS Front Mount


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Hi Everyone,

Last week I mentioned it was time to replace the front motor mount on my '99 STS.

A word of advice...you can do it without removing the radiator, but, unless

you are a mechanic or a maniac...Just follow the book directions and remove the radiator!

I chose to follow the suggestions by

shiden_kai & hiljak...

Big Mistake!

Next time I will definitely remove the radiator.

We, my NOW best freind Terry, spent all day Saturday in an unheated garage

in 30 degree weather working on the mount.

We managed to get it out, but it would have been easier to remove the radiator

and assorted crap than jacking the motor in every possible direction

to get the mount in and out.

What worried me most was breaking/crushing something against the fire wall.

You cannot get the bracket turned around without jacking the motor really high.

Consequently the motor starts to crush against the fire wall.

We had to cut the bottom motor mount stud with a saws-all...8 broken blades later...

Well live and learn...

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I feel for you.

I recently did the front mount in my 93 without pulling the rad, because the Cadillac manual said I could. I don't think mine was as bad as yours, because the mount is different. But by the time I was done, I wished I'd pulled the rad too!

We do live and learn............

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