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2000 Deville Digital Fuel Gauge

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Hi guys, I purchased a 2000 Deville that I'm trying to work the bugs out of. It has the Northstar engine and digital dash.

My first problem was I bought the car with a dead battery. We jumped it off so I could drive it home and didn't experience any problems than what we know now.

When I got home I purchased a new battery.


Digital dash fuel gauge always reads full. I noticed on a few cold starts it read about a half tank and about the time the car gets warm the gauge reads full. Return trips it reads full from start up is why I think maybe the engine temp is somehow involved as the engine is still warm. ???

ABS light and Traction Control light is on.

I have a cheap code reader and I got a random general misfire, P0300 I believe, another one for the cam sensor and a P0601. I'm not positive because I cleared them and after about 100 miles they have not returned. I assume the jump and battery change might had something to do with them codes.

I did stop at Advance and had the man pull my ABS codes. He said the LF wheel sensor is bad.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. The guessing the fuel gets old. Should I go ahead and change the LF wheel sensor? Possibly dirty or bad connection?

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Here is how to access the onboard diagnostics in the Deville – It will work for the 2000-2005 model years:

With the key in the run position or the engine running (it makes no difference), simultaneously press and hold the ON/OFF and INFO UP buttons on the dash to the right of the speedometer and above the gearshift lever. The system will go through a segment check and then you will see ALL? on the driver information sensor (DIC).

To operate the diagnostics, the following buttons are used:

  • ON/OFF = Yes
  • INFO UP/DN is the toggle to between systems
  • To exit the diagnostics, repeatedly press the INFO RESET button or turn the ignition to OFF.

Any codes will be displayed on the DIC as CURRENT or HISTORY.

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'05 Deville
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before you change the bearing check the pigtail that goes to the bearing. Sometimes the plug corrodes and causes the code


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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