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No reverse P0741 TCC solenoid code

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Hello everyone,

My first post, I appreciate all the help i've gotten as a non member.

The car would barely move in drive and not at all in reverse. The codes were P0502 and P0741, I replaced the speed sensor for the first code but everything I have read tells me that if I don't have a P01980 my problems wont be fixed by changing the TCC solenoid. I hate to spend the time and trouble changing the TCC if it is not going to help. Is this the case or is changing it worth a try?

Big H

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Your codes:

P0502 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit Low Input
P0741 TCC System Stuck Off

Other codes that may or may not be thrown by the same problem that causes the P0741:

P0740 TCC Enable Solenoid Circuit Electrical
P0743 TCC Enable Solenoid Circuit Electrical
P1834 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC)/Shift Solenoid (SS) Control Circuit High Voltage
P1860 TCC PWM Solenoid Circuit Electrical
P1866 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Solenoid Control Circuit Low Voltage
P1867 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Solenoid Control Circuit High Voltage
P1873 TCC Stator Temp. Switch Circuit Low
P1874 TCC Stator Temp. Switch Circuit High
P1884 TCC Enable/Shift Light Circuit
P1887 TCC Release Switch Circuit
P2763 Short to voltage in the TCC Solenoid
P2764 Open or Short to ground in the TCC PWM solenoid valve circuit

If you have a P0741 CURRENT that comes right back the next time you cruise above 45 mph when cleared, and you do NOT have any of the other codes indicating a problem with the TCC solenoid or its signals, then the problem is likely the TCC - which is part of the torque converter. But since changing the TCC solenoid can be done with the transmission in the car, and changing the shift solenoids is something you would want to do with a high mileage transmission as part of general servicing if you had it out, I think it's worth a try to change *all three* of the shift solenoids and service the transmission before you commit to changing the torque converter.

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Thanks for the reply,

the only code now is P0741 with the car not moving in reverse and very little in drive at high rev, what is the probability it is not the seals or torque convertor in other words a rebulid?

I can change the TCC and drain the pan replace fluid with some Lucas. If I change the two internal solenoids do I have to pull the transmission out?

In short I hate to waste the time and money on changing theTCC solenoid if the trannny is shot.

thanks again


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Have you checked the fluid level in the transmission?

If the fluid is at the proper level and the car will barely move, the problem is not shift solenoids... It is slipping due to worn clutches or other damaged components internal to the transmission. The shift solenoids were not an issue with your vintage of car - By the '96 model year, the solenoid suppor bracket was used in production and breakage of the solenoids was eliminated.

Other than torque converters not locking up and the ocassional TCC solenoid failure, the 4T-80E transaxles are very durable units. You might want to have a transmission shop look at it in order to get an accurate diagnosis. If it needs a total rebuild, you might want to look for a low mileage used unit. They are available at reasonable prices.

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