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Ive posted so many topics that im ready to set this car on fire.....lol....1997 Deville 140 miles

these are the issues with the IPC

once displayed low oil turn off car...oil level was fine hasnt happened since

cd player is aftermarket and powers on by itself and then powers off and wont come on at all

Ipc displays service airbag

ipc displays theft problem car might not restart

gas gauge..heater controls dont display

ipc blacks out and comes back on

defroster comes on by itself and i cant turn it off

I replaced the battery and cleaned all terminals but the theft system prevented me fom starting car carr so i dissconnected battey and let it sit over night reconnected and it started right up

to car to cadillac dealership..they flashed the ipc it worked great for a day then started doing werid things all over.they have no idea whats wrong with it..

im at a loss and spoke to a GM tech that rebuilds IPC digital panels..he said hes had this issue before and its a body ground...

I think i should take out the ipc and send it off and have it rebuilt''''''HELP!!

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The tech's guess sounds good -- the system does need a clean ground and the behaviors you describe certainly sound like an electrical connection problem, not a problem specific to the panel.


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So job 1 for maintaining a 97 Deville is you need to start monitoring ebay and other sources and find a Helms Service Manual for cheap. These are the encyclopedia for maintenance and repairs for your specific model and year.

Like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Original-Cadillac-Eldorado-DeVille-Seville-Shop-Service-Manual-Volume-1-2-/310887332341?pt=Motors_Manuals_Literature&hash=item48625439f5&vxp=mtr although it looks a bit beat up

I don't have a shop manual for the 97 Deville. My 96 STS ground distribution for the IPC included turn signal, HVAC, glove compartment light, headlamp, cigarette lighter, door switches, rear view mirror, flood lamps, seat switches.

So any frayed wiring or shorts along any of these systems could lead to a loss of ground. There are 15 - 20 diagrams in total for ground distribution.

Certainly any breaks and repairs you have done would be candidates for where the short is. Also the aftermarket cd player would be a prime suspect for something not wired correctly.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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The cars systems communication is on the purple wire. Make sure no one tapped into this wire anywhere. Also you might want to remove the rear seatback by unscrewing the 2 bolts from the trunk. Check all the connections back there. Also if you have an aftermarket radio, you shouldnt have chimes for warnings unless an aftermarket product was installed. Any of these items are suspect.

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is there a main fuse under the hood that goes to the ipc? i jigged the fuse block and it seemed like eveything started working for a second

I would pull that fuse and throw it away, clean the use block and the connections for that fuse inside it, and use a new fuse.

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