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1955 Cadillac Coupe De Ville - Decadent De Ville

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When the '50s arrived it was easy to see the transition automotive designers at the Big Three were making with regard to their creative impressions. Shorter brush strokes became longer and more flowing, regardless of whether they were for base models or top-of-the-line luxury cruisers. A brand that emerged clearly benefitting from the design evolution was Cadillac. By the time the mid '50s hit their offerings were peaking, soon to be followed by the era of the tailfin. For many, the '55 Coupe De Ville was one of the finest, most flowing designs to come out of Detroit, oozing with elegance, curvaceous lines, and style.


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Always been a 'sucker' for deep-red customs; nice '55. Growing up, I was more of a Chevy enthusiast, but our neighbor had a '55 (new), and another neighbor (obviously later) had a new '62; always admired those 'Caddies' during my formative years.


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When I was a kid I always viewed Cadillacs as out of my reach and was a Chevrolet man. But I never forgot one day at the drags, when the hotshots were turning best times of the day and track records with their new Corvette-engined 1957 Chevrolet coupes with their rare four-speed transmissions, and somebody's daddy, in his 1957 Eldorado, took a run an beat all of them, bad. Stone cold stock, loud hissing of exhaust restriction on takeoff, all of that. It was PINK, for Christ's sake. He opened the hood for us, and, there it was, dual quads. When the Northstar came out, the die was cast.

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absolutely stunning. Beautiful colors, interior and exterior. I love posts like this. Bruce you know all of my soft spots when it comes to fine autos, With caddys I know I am always in the right place.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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