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96 Deville Speedometer Sensor, out twice in 4 months.

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My speedometer sensor went out a while back. The car would drive OK for about 7 minutes, then it would go all wonky and the speedometer would go out.
I got it replaced.
Worked fine.
Four months later, it went out again --but almost in an opposite fashion. Now as soon as I start it, it is out (and I had to gun it hard to get it to kick into gear) --but if I drive it for a solid 45 minutes, then it starts working again.
It is in the shop getting it replaced right now, but I realize there is some other issue at play here. A short? Something?

Thoughts? Where it is at right now I am just having the replace it and we are moving. Hopefully it gets me to FL and then I will have it looked over down there. But I am just curious if any one else has had this issue.


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I take it you are talking about the VSS, the vehicle speed sensor, on top of the right half-axle. Sometimes improper routing of the output tube on the surge tank can dump coolant on the VSS and cause it go go out. A new one should have weatherproof connectors and a good O-ring but nothing is perfect in this world, so you should make sure that the surge tank dump hose is routed away from the VSS.

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