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More issues with this car..so my instrumnet panel went out...bought another one...one mechanic couldnt fix it because of the theft system so i took it to the Cadillac dealership..now they are having problems programming it! I know that each ipc is programed fo each car but the dealership cant figure it out?? HELP!!

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If the dealership can't figure it out, ask them why. If there is a problem with compatibility between the new IPM and the old one, work it out with them. If they can't tell you, take it to another dealer that has a tech more proficient with the Tech II and programming IPM's. Don't be afraid to ask the service manager about proficiency before you leave the car anywhere.

Larger volume dealers, and dealers that service older cars are more likely to have more experience in things like programming IPCs.

It sounds like your dealer's tech is doing this for the first time and is exchanging e-mails or phone calls with GM Service Information on getting through it. If this is the case, a little patience is all you need, unless they are charging you $150 an hour to train the tech. If you don't like the bill, insist on the GM flat rate for the job before you pay it.

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