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Deville Stalls then starts right back up

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I guess im going to post something new every day being this is my first and possibly last Caddy...1997 Deville 140,00 miles having ipc replaced today...on way to mechanic car stall after ten minutes of driving but started right back up..it did it twice...the people i bought it from ran low octane gas...so im running high octain gas in it and having the fuel filter replaced...any thoughts why its doing this?

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I would replace the IPC and reset all of the codes. if the problem reoccurs pull codes. It is easy to pull codes on our generation caddys. THere is alot of info in the faq on how to do it. No scantool necessary.

Does it just shut off or feel like lack of power before it stalls?


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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being that im new to this how is that fixxed? or should i just set the car on fire..lol

Ins co won't pay for arson, so you would just be out more money buying another car.

Probably be a better idea to replace them... but first you need to pull the codes and post them here before you just throw money and parts at it.

The car will tell you what is wrong and can save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

After knowing what the codes are, we can walk you thru fixing most things that need fixing.

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Crankshaft sensors will throw OBD codes such as P0336. Run the OBD codes and see what's up there.

This sounds like a fuel pump relay. It's a $8 throwaway part, visible next to the A/C relay in the engine compartment fuse/relay center (it's the bottom one), and is revealed by a P0231 DTC.

If you have no OBD codes, it is probably the wiring harness connection to the fuel tank, particularly if the fuel level indication is a bit flaky. If you see no problem there, it is probably the fuel pump.

When the 1996-1997 Northstars were young, there was a production problem with the connectors between the harness and the fuel pump inside the tank. In some cars, there was enough resistance in the connection to heat up the connector, which would eventually fail, causing intermittent stalling with no OBD codes. The fix was to replace the fuel pump because replacing heat-damaged connectors internal to the fuel pump and fuel level sensor assembly isn't practical. But all of those should have been caught and replaced on warranty by 1998.

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