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I just bought a 2000 Cadillac DTS like 5 days ago. I just had my shop do an oil change and look over it. He said everything looks fine just need my power steering hoses replaced. OK that's getting done Wednesday at 10a.m. Now I'm driving and across my dash comes a message saying check coolant level. I'm scared its a head gasket problem. My car just broke 98000 miles. I got it from the auction. I checked the coolant and its low. No major smoke out the tail pipes. Runs great sounds great doesn't smell off.

Also, across my dash it keeps saying SERVICE SUSPENSION and my tracking control light comes on every now again. It handles great.

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So I read on here where somebody had the same problem but his was a 99 deville and he replaced the cap. So I just did that and filled it back up. Will keep you posted on how it turns out for me.

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There is a coolant level sensor in the overflow tank.

They are known for going bad and causing false 'check coolant level' messages.

On the 2000..you cannot replace just the sensor...you have to replace the entire tank.

You can put a jumper in to disable the false message...just remember to check your coolant now and then.

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If you're getting the CHECK COOLANT LEVEL message and the coolant is at the full mark, the problem is most likely the sensor as Logan stated. My '05 Deville has been displaying the message on an infrequent basis for quite awhile now. One of these days, I'll replace the tank.

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The Service Suspension messages and the traction control light flashes are probably loose connectors on the wheel level or wheel speed sensors in the front, knocked around by the mechanic. Running the OBD codes will tell the tale.

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OK so when I did get the message and checked the coolant the level was low. so I change the cap and filled it back to the correct level. I have been driving it and I think it might not be losing coolant too early to tell tho since I replaced the cap just yesterday.

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As for the service suspension light I think it a loose connection as well. It rides just fine, no noise or nothing. Thank you guys for the advice. Im getting the power steering hoses replaced tomorrow and its gonna cost me 570 bucks!! Does anybody know any good shops in the Tacoma Washington area.

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