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swapping powertrain modules

Chris F.

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I'm looking for some advice on swapping the entire engine,trans,computers,etc.My 96 Eldorado has 254,000 miles on it and its starting to get tired.I purchased a 97 STS eng .transmission and all the computers and wiring.I was wondering if there were any concerns about this swap.Also if anyone would know if the cradle would be the same between models.I called the dealer and they thought it would be the same but the p/n for the 96 Eldo has been discontinued.Thanks in advance for any help.

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The cradle and the steering rack and pinion are different on the '97 than on the '96.I believe that the cradle for the '97-'98 Eldorado and Deville are the same. The cradle for the '97 looks to be lighter and the attach points for the rack and pinion are different from the '96.

I had a '97 that that would turn normally to the left but would barely turn to the right. On examination, the back cross member of the cradle was bent forward and had bent the rack and pinion,but it was not leaking. I had a '96 rack and cradle on hand and ASSumed they were the same,but to my surprise and chagrin, it was off to the local yard.

Also, I've been warned to stay away from the '97 Northstar engines because the alloys used in casting that engine were different than the '96 and the '98-. opinions vary, but I've had three devilles, two with pulled head bolts and one that locked up. All three were '97's with under 95k miles.

Good Luck,

Cleatus. Huntsville Al.

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