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'90 Flwd Brougham right turn signal wont cancel. Cant stop going in circles!

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Working on my parents 1990 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance. The right turn signal won't cancel.

Removed wheel and everything down to the switch. Switch looks ok (I had replaced it a couple years ago) but I decided to replace it anyway..thinking maybe weak spring.

Tested it on with the front end in the air and seemed to work ok. Reassemble the whole column and go to road test and right turn still won't cancel. Left works just like it should.

Any thoughts?

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Is the canceling cam assembled in the proper location and not broken? Not sure why it works in one direction and not the other.

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So I tore her back down tonight. The switch assy is fine and so is the horn contact/cancel cam. What I did discover is that the column bearing inner race was riding "high" up on the shaft. I believe this cause a large amount of play in the shaft so that the cancel cam was not hitting the detents on the switch on right turns.

I shot some grease in the bearing and tapped the race and retainer down with a long screwdriver. After reassembly and testing it with the front end jacked up it worked every time. Doing a little more tinkering on the car and will have it back on the road in a couple days for a complete test. Also had to order a column c-clip retainer.

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excellent to hear. I hate to hijack but I just bought a 2001 Eldo and the turn signals wont cancel at all. They work fine other than not cancelling. I just ordered a new turn signal/multifunction switch but am not sure what the exact problem could be. Any insight. I think it is the same column as the fleetwood. It has the saginaw tilt column. Thanks


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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