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just bought a 97 deville with 140,000 on it..great condition until today,,dash board read check airbag anf theft issue..car might not start..plus defost came by itself and dash would go blank...i replaced battery cleaned all terminals and ground to battery..then it wouldnt start because of theft issue so i dissonnected battey twice and let it sit each time....finally started and no dash board issues until 30 minutes later..battery still has a full charge and i cleaned the key..but its doin g the same thing again..could it be dirty fuses?? help!

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Dont know about the '97....but on the '92-95 STS ones...that was a known failure mode of the IPC.

Most data would blank out '--'

Defrost mode turns on

Different warning messages...'stop engine...low oil pressure' kind of stuff.

Depending on the year, the Deville and STS shared a very similar IPC.

In addition, it is very difficult for a cluster repair facility to catch this failure mode on the workbench. They may even claim the IPC tests out fine.

Could also be a network issue. If one of the computers goes bad on the network it scrambles all the data.

I'm sure someone will ask you to check the codes.

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Yes...talking about the cluster. IPC = instrument panel cluster.

You cannot really reset it like a PC. Being a intermittant problem will make it very tricky to find.

Being there is a aftermarket CD player is certainly a clue....I would inspect the CD player wiring before anything else.

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