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Looking to purchase a 2008 STS


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Hey guys I been looking for an sts and came across one that is on craigslist that is at a local dealer. The car is a v8 with 61k miles they are asking 14,900. I've only owned devilles and wanted to know are there any major problems or recalls with these? Is this a price that is good for a car like this? Anything I should look for when checking out the car? codes?

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This is a different platform, the Sigma platform, than the Devilles. See the Wikipedia short writeup,


This car has a smaller interior than the Devilles and will seat four very comfortably but the center rear seat is best for children. All will have center consoles so there will be no front center seat.

The Kelley Blue Book price range for this car is $13,540 to $15,000 with "fair price" listing of $14,265, but it didn't ask for ZIP code, and the price may be a couple of hundred higher in central Texas.

Be sure and get a CarFAX or equivalent. A common practice is to ship rust belt cars to the Sun Belt for sale because they are worth more there. Such a car will list its first two to six years in Corrosion, ND or equivalent, then an auto auction, with current ownership at another dealer, probably in Texas but not necessarily in Austin. That's not a deal-breaker, but trot out the CarFAX, which will have a suggested price adjustment, and insist on that price adjustment.

As with any used car, a dealer check on the VIN and/or a CarFAX or equivalent is a good idea before you even look at the car. Get your financing in hand before you are ready to buy or you may pay for the privilege of arranging financing on the spot. And, make an offer or agree on a deal CONTINGENT on inspection, and have a used car inspection service or a dealer that you are comfortable look over the car for you; this will cost about $100 but is well worth it. Be fully prepared to kill the deal if you don't like what you hear from the car inspection.

If this deal falls through, you can find scads of cars of just about any description online. Finding a car online has the advantage of giving you the VIN and usually even a link to get the CarFAX on the car. For a car as popular as the 2008 STS you should get a decent selection, too, so if you want a sunroof or whatever, put it in your search criteria.

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