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Mailbag: add-on options?

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I bought a 2013 Cadillac CTS, about seven months ago. I love the car BUT I regret not getting the Blind Zone Alert System side mirrors and the back up parking assist. I do have the back up camera and the navigation system come on while in reverse but I've found that these two items would be a great benefit. Is there any way to have these items installed after the purchase of the car?? Your thoughts and or any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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With enough money anything is possible, but in my opinion, to have those options installed on the car would probably be several thousand dollars.

For them to work properly after installation, the computers in the car will also have to be re-programmed to accommodate them.

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What Texas Jim says is true; unless something is available and configured by GM as a dealer-installed option, you are not going to be able to get it added to your car and working for a reasonable cost, and perhaps not at all. If you are determined to get these features, the wisest course would be to plan a trade-in at two to four years after you bought the car. The cost of ownership becomes manageable after two years, and reasonable after four years.

Another strategy is to accept your fine car as it is. The cost of ownership decreases the longer you keep your car, maintenance and repairs of old cars notwithstanding.

Whenever you buy anything, there will be something better out there. If you wait for awhile, something new will come out that will be better and cost less.

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If the wiring is already there which in many cases, it can be, then it would be a matter of changing the mirrors and adding the sensors. If the wiring is not there, then it is not cost effective to add the options. Another thing to check is the service parts option label (in the glove box, trunk, or ???) and see if the code for the options you want to add is on the label. If they are, then it is likely the wiring is already there.

For example, my 2013 Silverado does not have the remote start option but the SPO label in the glove box has the remote start code. I could purchase the remote start key fobs and have a dealer program them and I would have remote start. The cost of doing so does not appeal to me - neither does remote start (gas is high enough...) but I could add it if I wanted to.

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